Majestic Marlin Brazil

Canavieiras is approximately 160 nm south of Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is the fourth largest city in Brazil and has some amazing historical sites, a fantastic Carnival and an international airport. From Salvador it is a 30 min flight south to Ilhéus.

Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

Tel: (+55) 73 32842947
Mob: (+55) 73 9972-0006

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Sailfish time

17-10-2021 Blues 0-0-0 Whites 0-0-0 Sailfish 1-1-1

On our first day back out for our 2021 season with Marcos, we hooked a sailfish and a nice size Tuna so have stocked up on sashimi.. the water is looking good with lots of bait so hopefully, tomorrow will bring on the blues!

17-10-2021 Azuis 0-0-0 Branco  0-0-0 Sailfish 1-1-1
Hoje foi nosso primeiro dia lá fora nessa temporada de 2021 com Marcos. Nós fisgamos um sailfish e um atum grandinho, temos bastante sashimi estocado. A água tá boa com muita isca, esperamos que amanhã os azuis venham.