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Canavieiras is approximately 160 nm south of Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is the fourth largest city in Brazil and has some amazing historical sites, a fantastic Carnival and an international airport. From Salvador it is a 30 min flight south to Ilhéus.

Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

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The Fishing

Majestic Marlin / The Fishing
Local Fishing

We fish IGFA regulations, being conscious of the need to conserve the fish we love to pursue. Inline with these regulations here in Brasil, we release all of the marlin caught, no marlins caught are killed. Because of the spectacular geography of Royal Charlotte Bank we have marlin fishing all year round, weather permitting. The best of it however is from October to March.

The fishing records from over the years show the fishing can start late September with lots of white marlin and blue marlin showing up. October has raised the most marlin over the years with December second and November third.

Through these three months it is not uncommon to raise 6 to 12 blue marlin a day. In November 2007 I raised an amazing 26 blue marlin in one day. November 2002 had the record before that with 18 blues.

The other incredible part to the fishing in Canavieiras is the size of the blues: 80% are from 200 to 600 lbs and the other 20% are bigger.

From January to March you can raise 2 to 4 marlin a day and 75% are over 500 lbs with both granders (1000 lb+ marlin) caught and weighed in January and March. The other three grander’s were released in November. The world record blue and white marlins were caught in Victoria which is 300 nm south of the Royal Charlotte Bank.

With the size of the marlin here we troll four 130’s for marlin, a 50 to keep the razor gang (wahoo) off the marlin lures and a 30 to keep the tuna tubes full. Trolling artificial lures has proven best for covering the ground and raising the marlin.  We also have 80-50-30 lb outfits to pitch natural baits, alive or dead. There are spinning reels always ready to bale the large dorado that is plentiful through these six months.

For the first time fisher I and my experienced crew will teach you all you need to know and the technique to catch the large majestic marlin. For those experienced anglers we can cater to your style of fishing; if you have your own equipment and want to get the cobwebs out, my crew will gladly set it up for the fishing here or cheek the rigging to make sure everything is in order.

Light Tackle and Bottom fishing

We use 50 and 30 lb reels, spinning and electric on a day’s light tackle and bottom fishing. Trolling 30lb and spinning reels between the bottom fishing marks you can catch white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, mackerel, dorado, barracuda. Once you reach the bottom fishing spot, jigging and casting plugs is the most popular these days but we can use natural bait as well.

Varieties of fish you can catch include amberjack, bigeye and yellowfin tuna, trevally, red snapper, grouper, yellowtail snapper and the list goes on.