Majestic Marlin Brazil

Canavieiras is approximately 160 nm south of Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is the fourth largest city in Brazil and has some amazing historical sites, a fantastic Carnival and an international airport. From Salvador it is a 30 min flight south to Ilhéus.

Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

Tel: (+55) 73 32842947
Mob: (+55) 73 9972-0006

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Majestic Marlin / Equipment
Fishing Equipment

We have all new rods and Shimano reels from 130 to 30 lb outfits, spinning and electric reels.

The 50 and 30 lb outfits are set up for stand up fighting or change the butt and go to the chair if the fight goes on to long. Mold Craft makes up most of my lures here and the equipment is imported from the US and nothing but the finest gear.

With these large marlin everything has to be just right to make that catch of a life time and a little luck goes a long way as well, sometimes a bloody lot of luck.