Majestic Marlin Brazil

Canavieiras is approximately 160 nm south of Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is the fourth largest city in Brazil and has some amazing historical sites, a fantastic Carnival and an international airport. From Salvador it is a 30 min flight south to Ilhéus.

Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

Tel: (+55) 73 32842947
Mob: (+55) 73 9972-0006

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Rua Rui Barbosa 181, Centro Canavieiras. Bahia Brasil. CEP/45-860-000

Office: (+55) 73 32842947

Lea Wallace: (+55) 73 99978-3259 (Cell, WhatsApp, Facetime)

We can offer a range of accomodation for your trip near to the harbour