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Canavieiras is approximately 160 nm south of Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is the fourth largest city in Brazil and has some amazing historical sites, a fantastic Carnival and an international airport. From Salvador it is a 30 min flight south to Ilhéus.

Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

Tel: (+55) 73 32842947
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Fish Report – Oct 2017 to Apr 2018

Hello Friends and Fishermen,

It has been a while since I sent out a newsletter sorry guy. This last season was a great season in more ways than one. Firstly it was just great to be able to do what I love and that is chase big marlin. After many years of pain and been told I would not fish again, in October 2016 I had successful surgery fusing 3 disc`s in my neck, after a year of physio I was given the go ahead to go fishing and I would just like to say a huge thanks to Dr Felippe Saad and his team the nurses and staff at the Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo. They gave me my life back :)… Now into the fishing.


Charles and Bev Holloway were back starting the season for Camargue. Fishing 4 days they released 2 from 3 blues, 7 from 14 whites and 4 from 5 sailfish, culminating in 2 grand slams with one blue 650 lbs. Mateus and Renan tagged along for a couple of days and Mateus released his first Atlantic sail and Renan caught some nice wahoo.


Marcelo e Mauricio back to fish the bank, raised a blue but no bite, and then a predicted 30 knt S/E front hit at noon cutting the day short. They caught some tuna and wahoo before it got to nasty.


Leur, Xande e Gabriel are down from Salvador fished 2 days releasing a small blue and white the first day. The next day they released a nice blue 700 lb a white marlin and sailfish giving the boys a Grand slam why to go guys.


Casemiro Messias, Helio Peczmionski e Geraldo Vuhn from Ponta Grossa PR, first time with Majestic marlin the boys fished 3 days the first day they went 1 for 1 on blues and 1 from 6 on whites. Second day missed a nice blue and a couple of whites. Third day they went 1 from 1 blue 700 lbs 1 from 1 on whites and 1 from 1 on Sailfish giving the boys a Grand Slam well done boys.


Joe Taylor here for the first time with son Peter his wife Sharon Dawn Smith and friend Steve all from London a Valdir from Sao Paulo. Fishing 5 days the guys had a great trip, the first day out was Steve’s first day marlin fishing, beginners luck his first blue was released estimated over 1000 lbs, we had another shot at a big blue but no luck, Valgi released his first Sailfish. The next day Joe pulled the hook on a fish over 500 lbs and Steve released his 1st white marlin. Day 3 and Joe released a small blue and Peter his first white marlin. After a day off the guys got back into it releasing 2 from 4 blues one 700 lb from a double header of 700 lb fish, the other released around 400 lb and 4 from 8 on white marlin. Last day and Steve released one around 550 from a double header of fish around the same size, Valgi released a sailfish the other double header Peter released a fish around 200 lb and Joe released an 800 lber not bad for an 85 young. Nice one mate.


Mike Callahan is back from the USA after missing a season to shoulder surgery we were about to put it to the test. His first day went 6 from 7 on blues, one was estimated around 1100 lb 2 x 700 and 3 around 250 lb. In 11 days fishing Mike went 22 from 33 on Blues 7 from 14 on whites and 5 from 6 on sailfish, he released a blue estimated around 1100 lbs, one 800, five 700, one 600 and three 500 lbers making 50% of Mikes blues were over 500 lb also 2 Grand Slams. Fantastic fishing well done Mike.


Group to Choma fishing 2 days the first was slow for marlin but we made up for it the next day, going 2 from 3 on blues and 2 from 3 on whites. The first up was a white followed with a blue that was over 900 lb, then another white for the boys. Chasing a slam for the boys we put a standard wide range set for sails. No sails but a 800 lb blue thought it looked good after an hour we got the fish to the boat and released her. A little luck goes a long way in this game.


Mauricio, Junior, Marcelo and Gleison where here to fish the Canavieiras tournament. The weather was not get but we released a sailfish and a blue marlin enough to give the boys 3rd place.


David Watkins was back to try his luck over 2 days he released a 600 lb blue and a white marlin.


Leur Jr with wife Marcela and son Pedro down from Salvador fishing one day. Pedro released his first blue marlin and Marcela released her first white marlin.


Ricardo and son Dudu were out for the day no luck with the marlin but caught some lesser amberjack and big eye tuna.


Lincoln and friend Luis Felipe fished 2 days unfortunately Lincoln pulled the hook on a nice blue after a 30 min fight but managed to release a sailfish.


Layland and son in-law Joe fished 9 days the boys released 9 from 20 on blues 2 from 2 on whites and 4 from 6 on sailfish. Layland has spent 21 years chasing a grander after losing one close to the boat all those years ago. The last day fishing Layland got his bite after a 30 min fight Layland released his grander 1000 lb +, also released a white marlin and a sailfish giving him a Grand Slam not a bad last day congratulations mate.


Edgar son Fabio and friend Helio and sons Giovanni and Luigi fished 2 days, Edgar released a small blue and they caught a few nice dorado, and wahoo.


My mad Doctor buddy`s where back David Watkins, Glen and Vlad down from Miami to fished a couple of days. First day David released a small blue. The 2nd day Glen released a nice blue around 900 lb his second day fishing for marlin and his first blue marlin way to go.


Patrick McNulty and Marco Castellanos down from Texas, to fish for the first time with Majestic Marlin, first day we pulled the hook on 3 small blues the final hooked a double header off 600 lbers, tough fish both going in different directions, finally Patrick got his fish to the boat and released it Marco`s fish almost spooled the reel but he got it to the boat after an hour fight. The full moon slowed fishing down the boys going 0 from 4 on blues all small fish.


Tarcio Coutinho and friend 1st time fishing with Majestic Marlin Brazil, Team “The Next” . The boys had a slow start to the day but that’s marlin fishing, things change quickly the lunch time bite Tarcio Coutinho released a good blue marlin around 450 lb and not long after Mauro Turzi hooked into a nice blue that put on a great show after a 45 minute fight Mauro released his first blue marlin at 900 lbs another fantastic first for this season.


Lars was back fishing and his first day was a good one going 2 from 3 on blues one was around 850 lb and the other 400 lb from a double header.


Turma do Choma is back and once again the boys got lucky. Julio Mehl hooked into a nice blue early which fought like a monster, after an hour fight Julio Mehl released his first blue at 550 lbs, another first well done mate. After a slow afternoon the boys stopped for a jig and caught a few lesser amberjack and big eye tuna. ASDIP.

We fished 61 days raised 194 billfish had 167 bites and released 107.

Blues raised 106 had 90 bites and released 59.

Whites raised 61 had 53 bites and released 30.

Sailfish raised 27 had 25 bites and released 18.

6 Grand Slams

29 blues where 500 to 1100 lbs.

Tight lines to all Capt. Shawn Wallace.

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